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Be prepared for a health or hospital visit

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10 Tips for Safer Health Care

The Australian Council for Safety and Quality in Health Care produced the 10 Tips for Safer Health Care to assist people to become more actively involved in their health care. It explains how and why things can go wrong, and how you can work in partnership with your health care professionals to get the best possible care.

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Department of Health and Health Issues Centre

In 2010, the Department of Health and Health Issues Centre released a number of resources designed to support rural consumers who travel for health care. These resource checklists provide a list of key questions that consumers can ask so that they are better informed about all aspects of their patient journey. These consumer resources are designed to complement the whole-of-journey approach which is designed for health professionals.

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'Speak Up' brochure

A brochure to better support and empower consumers, especially those who have difficulty accessing health services due to personal care, transport or mobility support needs. The brochure supports consumers to take a more proactive approach in managing their health care by:

  • asking key questions of their health provider
  • planning ahead and taking their travel needs into consideration
  • informing health providers if they cannot attend a scheduled appointment

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