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Multi Purpose Taxi Program

The State Government's The Multi Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP) provides half price on taxi fares up to a maximum of $30 per trip. To be eligible you must:
- Live in Victoria permanently; and
- Have a severe and permanent disability that stops you from being able to use public transport by yourself.

To be able to obtain a Multi Purpose Taxi Card, your doctor will need to authorise and sign the application form. Forms are available from your doctor's surgery or the Victorian Taxi Directorate by calling 1800 638 802 or visiting

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Call  1800 638 802

Taxi Services Commission (Victoria)

The Victorian Taxi Directorate administers an industry accreditation regime for all owners and operators of taxis and hire cars in Victoria. This section contains information for taxi and hire car licence owners & operators and Network Service Providers.

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Call  1800 638 802

Taxi Numbers Across Victoria

Taxi numbers across Victoria are available on Taxi Services Commission website. Please note that Victorian taxis are licensed to operate within prescribed taxi zones. Taxi operating conditions and fares vary between zones. The zone in which a taxi is licensed to operate is specified in the taxi licence.

There are four taxi zones:
Metropolitan - metropolitan Melbourne
Outer suburban - the Frankston and Dandenong area
Urban - the cities of Ballarat, Bendigo and Geelong
Country - all other areas; generally country taxis are licensed to operate within five to eight kilometres of the local post office.

It is recommended that you book a cab in advance.

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Call  1800 638 802

Wheelchair Accessible Taxis

The Victorian Taxi Directorate is responsible for ensuring transport services, including taxis, are accessible for all members of the community, including people with a disability. Wheelchair accessible taxis (WATs) allow people who use wheelchairs to travel in their wheelchair provided that they and the wheelchair can be safely restrained in the vehicle.

To book a Wheelchair Accessible Taxi in Melbourne, please call 03 9265 4602 or 9277 3877.

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Call  03 9265 4602 or 9277 3877